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Healthcare Efficiencies, Inc. was created to bring incredible value to the healthcare marketplace through healthcare efficiencies.

Healthcare Efficiencies, Inc. is a messenger advocate for the incredible system below, and other efficiencies besides those listed here.

These services enable healthcare practitioners and facilities to greatly increase the speed and quality of care they provide to their clients while reducing their time, effort, and expense. Click on the images and links.

These efficiencies can be utilized separately or seamlessly integrated synergistically.

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Clinical Speed

Clinical Speed is the framework for which many of our services are built on. It focuses on advanced methods for patient intake and logistical use of the information gained through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI). These methods include gathering data at the point of contact, diagnosing medical necessity, and discovering accurate and complete disease states. It then integrates this information into all aspects of patient healthcare, including marketing and reputation building.

Decision Doc AI

Decision Doc AI is a software platform that helps medical providers access, analyze, and interpret large amounts of patient information quickly and accurately through the integration of AI. It offers advanced diagnostics, personalized treatment recommendations, and streamlined workflows in one intelligent platform. It enables providers to efficiently and effectively communicate with the patients, including information outside of the providers specialty. VIDEO HERE

Decision Doc MX Marketing
Grow your practice with Decision Doc MX Marketplace healthcare efficiencies. Decision Doc MX is a software suite that combines clinical insight and marketing to improve healthcare and reputation in healthcare practices. It offers tailored marketing funnels, seamless booking integration with electronic medical records (EMR), and advanced clinical analysis tools. It transforms marketing and analysis by providing insights from patient data and enabling efficient interpretation and billing. The platform integrates synergistically with services such as Rapid Response Medical Centers and Extendable Labs. The software enhances reputation building through patient referrals from exceptional healthcare services and the local community participation of other businesses.

Practice Presence

Practice Presence is our full marketing step-up platform designed to build impressive patient acquisition in multiple ways. It builds your public reputation using social media and other promotional strategies. This system significantly increases profitable revenue, establishes a brand for your practice, and positions you as the premier healthcare provider in your area.

Rapid Response Medical Center

Rapid Response Medical Centers are advanced medical facilities that go beyond basic urgent care services. They offer faster patient evaluations, advanced diagnostics, and better optics into patient evaluation and management coding. These centers utilize unique intake necessity diagnostics and the software Rapid-Response Virtual Platform to enhance patient outcomes and provide access to critical patient data. They focus on clinical speed, which involves gathering data at the point of contact, diagnosing medical necessity, and accurately identifying disease states. Rapid Response Medical Centers aim to increase lab availability and efficiency, and provide comprehensive healthcare services. The goal is to establish each Rapid Response Medical Center within its own exclusive 10-mile radius. There are also options for physician-owned lab models and the Rapid-Response Extendable Lab program. This allows practices to collaborate for enhanced healthcare services and efficiencies.


Rapid Response Extendable Lab
Extendable labs are part of the Rapid-Response Medical Center program. These labs are designed for busy medical practices. The company supplies patient management software, while the practices handle lab equipment and management support. The labs are an extension of the current lab of the practice and allow for the extension of the CLIA license to the new location. The results of the lab tests are available in real-time and can be accessed through the Rapid-Response Virtual Platform. The labs are built to work with popular CLIA waived, FDA Cleared lab equipment, including the Abbott Piccolo. The partner laboratory provides all required reagents, purchases and maintains lab equipment, and manages all lab reimbursements. VIDEO HERE

Rapid Response Virtual Platform
The Rapid Response Virtual Platform seamlessly integrates with any and all of the other components available in our system. This is your command center dashboard for the ultimate in healthcare services. It provides outstanding ease of management efficiency. VIDEO HERE

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